Friday, August 22, 2008

my fave flick from the 80s...

Back to the Future * Say Anything
The Lost Boys * Adventures in Babysitting
16 Candles * Aliens
Pump Up the Volume * Poltergeist
Ladyhawke * Beetlejuice
Road Warrior * Crocodile Dundee
Red Sonya * Top Gun
Dune * Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
This Is Spinal Tap * Die Hard
Valley Girl * Dead Poet's Society
Young Guns * Earth Girls Are Easy
The Shining * Spaceballs
Terminator * Willow
Who Framed Roger Rabbit * The Goonies
Troop Beverly Hills * A Fish Called Wanda
Ghostbusters * My Stepmother Is An Alien
The Hitcher * Outsiders
Raiders of the Lost Ark * Platoon
Labyrinth * Land Before Time
Killer Clowns From Outer Space (hence the coulrophobia)
Neverending Story * Princess Bride
Private Benjamin * Raising Arizona
Legend * Romancing the Stone

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