Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Rock n Rolla"

So, I'm thinking this moving might be lacking in a major way... But there is one thing that might be its saving grace:

mmm... yes.

"Suffocation En Masse" (an Ode to the T by Esmerelda Villalobos)

Little mice scurry across the tracks
dodging, darting
hurry hurry, little mouse,
the train, itsa comin'.

The big silver box comes
clickety clacking
at a top speed of
2 miles per hour.

Fifteen minutes we've been waiting,
and the cars are overflowing.
Squeeze, push, cram
yourselves into the lack of space.

"Excuse me, sir, I dont mean to be rude,
but if you dont stop breathing on my face,
I'm going to be sick."

Leaning, swaying, pushing,
the train jerks and stops and goes
like a mean little rumba
dancing over the Charles.

Let me out.
I'm going to scream.
If you don't fit, push.
I think tomorrow I'll walk.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

jukebox in my mind

"might makes right" - camper van beethoven... "boys from county hell" - the pogues
"beastslayer of valenar" - diego's umbrella... "good friend your hunger" - castanets
"9 in the afternoon" - panic! at the disco... "springdance" - korpiklaani
"baby got back" - jonathan coulton... "fall down lightly" - VHS or BEHTA
"streetlights" - the view... "nightly things" - begushkin
"ice dogs" - man man... "middle of nowhere" - hot hot heat
"400 bucks" - reverend horton heat... "love is the drug" - roxy music
"soma" - the strokes... "if you leave" - OMD
"start me up" - the rolling stones... "do you wanna dance?" - the ramones
"sing me spanish techno" - the new pornographers... "505" - arctic monkeys
"my good gal" - OCMS... "wake up and go beserk" - mogwai
"the great escape" - boys like girls... "forever in the west" - white light riot
"20th of april" - oysterband... "strange love" - depeche mode
"gone away" - the offspring... "be without you" - mary j. blige
"rain dogs" - tom waits... "follow me up to carlow" - the young dubliners
"start wearing purple" - gogol bordello... "ignition (remix)" - r. kelly
"you" - lloyd... "whistles the wind" - flogging molly
"dreaming with a broken heart"- john mayer... "until the end of time" - justin timberlake
"open up" - dispatch... "hitchin' a ride" - green day
"alright" - supergrass... "lump" - presidents of the united states of america
"friendship" - tenacious d... "karate" - kennedy
"permanent" - acceptance... "hook" - blues traveler

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

mental playlist - part one

"rifles" - black rebel motorcycle club... "wagon wheel" - old crow medicine show
"true love way" - kings of leon... "obstacles 1" - interpol
"samson" - regina spektor... "she dont use jelly"- the flaming lips
"irish" - tonic... "dareh meyod" - OAR
"in the garage" - weezer... "flourescent adolescent" - the arctic monkeys
"like herod" - mogwai... "under control" - the strokes
"waltz for aidan" - mogwai... "a little more time" - zox
"dance dance christa paffgen" - anberlin... "full moon cigarette" - gran bel fisher
"more today than yesterday" - diana ross... "afternoon tea" - the kinks
"the killing moon" - echo and the bunnymen... "kyrie" - mister mister
"moore street girls" - the elders... "rocky road to dublin" - the young dubliners
"rock & roll queen"- the subways... "with you in mind" - aaron neville
"rainbow road" - percy sledge... "it's no good" - depeche mode
"clear spot" - the pernice brothers... "secret" - howie day
"bonnie lass of anglesy" - tempest... "home" - michael buble
"drink to moving on" - grand national... "find a new way" - young love
"did it all for you" - the tossers... "grounds for divorce"- elbow
"don't stop" - inner party system... "cannibal queen" - miniature tigers
"dark blue" - jack's mannequin... "brooklyn is burning" - head automatica
"in other words" - ben kweller... "sunship balloons" - the flaming lips

"here it is, your moment of zen"

wow. it is amazing how fast time flies when routine consumes your life. i've turned 27, gone to an octoberfest, survived my one year anniversary, had bfs come visit me in Beantown, and watched the Sox implode in the playoffs...

The Election looms ahead, and it remains a decision to vote between a giant douche and a turd sandwich... partisan politics aside, neither one will fulfill a single campaign promise. guaranteed. the first term will be spent a) doing damage control and b) preparing for re-election. tax cuts? alternative fuel sources? healthcare? withdrawing troops from Iraq? not. gonna. happen. when will Americans learn that politicians are not to be trusted? we bitch and moan about issues, yet do we realize that not only do they speak out of both sides of their mouths, but their hands are so deep into the pockets of special interests and they owe so many people, that actual progress will never happen. never. not as long as politicians run the government and Americans remain complacent in the status quo. change will only come when we put aside our addiction to luxury, and learn to live like the rest of world. we need to climb down from our ivory tower and earn some street cred, babies.


so, for now, I raise a glass and take a deep draught while i can still afford it...