Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playlist for all you Goiter lovers:

"Where Have All the Goiters Gone?" - Paula Hole
"Rock the Goiter" - The Gash
"Enter Goiter" - Metallichuh
"Our Goiter Are Sealed" - The No-Nos
"Bad Goiter Rising" - Heedence Murkwater Revival
"Star-Spangled Goiter" - Francis Snot Key
"Shipping Up to Goiter" - The Dropkick Slurpees
"Start Wearing Goiter" - Gurgle Bordello
"Dream the Impossible Goiter" - Robert Boulet
"All Along the Goiter" - Jimi Hiemlich
"Hit Me Goiter, One More Time" - Ditsy Smears
"With a Little Help From My Goiter" - The Peetles
"Will the Real Slim Goiter Please Stand Up" - Sluminem
"Like a Rhinestone Goiter" - Glen Dumpbell
"I've Got the World On A Goiter" - Stank Ginatra
"Don't You Wish Your Goiter Was Hot Like Me?" - The Fussycat Molls

Monday, December 29, 2008

California Christmas

Well, after an insane New England trek through the elements to Logan, I managed to get to the Coast with minimal hassle, and into the CA sunlight by 3pm.

9 days goes by soooooo fast. it was amazing to not have to go to work, although it didn't really register. the lumpy mattress on the hide-a-bed i shared with brosef, which prolly dates back to the early 80s, was less than accomodating and highly uncomfortable. toss in some mexican food induced gastro-intestinal fireworks, and voila!

we hit up D-land, and me and Rasket rented motorized carts for our "conditions". it was beyond rad. i only wished that they could have gone 30 mph! i couldn't believe how many hideous folks were out and about... it was atonishing. eesh.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Heart of Mine (Peter Salett)

Do you want to know
If everything glittering
Will turn into the gold
I see in your hair
I feel it could be there
Somehow, tonight

And do you want to find
Something worth saving
The change would do me right
Cause I've been just waiting
And hesitating
With this heart of mine

You're still a mystery
But there's something so easy
In how you're sweet to me
I feel completed
Like it's something I needed
For this heart of mine

There's always something so tragic
About a hopeless romantic

So though we cannot know
If everything glittering
Will turn into the gold
I'm through with waiting
And hesitating
I want you taking
This heart of mine
Heart of mine
Heart of mine

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Party

James McAvoy

Jim Sturgess

Alexander Skarsgard

simon baker

karl urban

gerard butler

heath ledger

keanu reeves

viggo mortensen

gaspard ulliel

jamie dornan

robert downey jr.

aurelien rougerie

robert pattinson