Thursday, October 23, 2008

jukebox in my mind

"might makes right" - camper van beethoven... "boys from county hell" - the pogues
"beastslayer of valenar" - diego's umbrella... "good friend your hunger" - castanets
"9 in the afternoon" - panic! at the disco... "springdance" - korpiklaani
"baby got back" - jonathan coulton... "fall down lightly" - VHS or BEHTA
"streetlights" - the view... "nightly things" - begushkin
"ice dogs" - man man... "middle of nowhere" - hot hot heat
"400 bucks" - reverend horton heat... "love is the drug" - roxy music
"soma" - the strokes... "if you leave" - OMD
"start me up" - the rolling stones... "do you wanna dance?" - the ramones
"sing me spanish techno" - the new pornographers... "505" - arctic monkeys
"my good gal" - OCMS... "wake up and go beserk" - mogwai
"the great escape" - boys like girls... "forever in the west" - white light riot
"20th of april" - oysterband... "strange love" - depeche mode
"gone away" - the offspring... "be without you" - mary j. blige
"rain dogs" - tom waits... "follow me up to carlow" - the young dubliners
"start wearing purple" - gogol bordello... "ignition (remix)" - r. kelly
"you" - lloyd... "whistles the wind" - flogging molly
"dreaming with a broken heart"- john mayer... "until the end of time" - justin timberlake
"open up" - dispatch... "hitchin' a ride" - green day
"alright" - supergrass... "lump" - presidents of the united states of america
"friendship" - tenacious d... "karate" - kennedy
"permanent" - acceptance... "hook" - blues traveler

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