Monday, December 29, 2008

California Christmas

Well, after an insane New England trek through the elements to Logan, I managed to get to the Coast with minimal hassle, and into the CA sunlight by 3pm.

9 days goes by soooooo fast. it was amazing to not have to go to work, although it didn't really register. the lumpy mattress on the hide-a-bed i shared with brosef, which prolly dates back to the early 80s, was less than accomodating and highly uncomfortable. toss in some mexican food induced gastro-intestinal fireworks, and voila!

we hit up D-land, and me and Rasket rented motorized carts for our "conditions". it was beyond rad. i only wished that they could have gone 30 mph! i couldn't believe how many hideous folks were out and about... it was atonishing. eesh.

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