Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playlist for all you Goiter lovers:

"Where Have All the Goiters Gone?" - Paula Hole
"Rock the Goiter" - The Gash
"Enter Goiter" - Metallichuh
"Our Goiter Are Sealed" - The No-Nos
"Bad Goiter Rising" - Heedence Murkwater Revival
"Star-Spangled Goiter" - Francis Snot Key
"Shipping Up to Goiter" - The Dropkick Slurpees
"Start Wearing Goiter" - Gurgle Bordello
"Dream the Impossible Goiter" - Robert Boulet
"All Along the Goiter" - Jimi Hiemlich
"Hit Me Goiter, One More Time" - Ditsy Smears
"With a Little Help From My Goiter" - The Peetles
"Will the Real Slim Goiter Please Stand Up" - Sluminem
"Like a Rhinestone Goiter" - Glen Dumpbell
"I've Got the World On A Goiter" - Stank Ginatra
"Don't You Wish Your Goiter Was Hot Like Me?" - The Fussycat Molls


rasket said...

i think my favorites are "start wearing goiter" and "like a rhinestone goiter"

my goituh!

Darsky said...

YES! i tossed in the "start wearing goiter" one just for you :)

hahaha- a goiter in a rhinestone cowboy hat. (did you get my email with the pics?)