Friday, December 21, 2007

oooh, sweet mystery of life at last i've found yooouuuuu!?

so im sitting at the computer, and all i can keep thinking about i how uncertain my future is because i have no idea what to do wih my life? how did the people who know what they wanted to do decide? i am not good at anything enough to make a career of it, nor am i smart enough or talented or driven enough. i dont have any overwhelming desires to do anything in particular, nor do i know of new opportunities available. worst part is, i know how lame i sound- wah wah wah, poor me- but seriously, what am i supposed to do? i have a college degree, so do i find the best paying job and take it, no matter how dead-end, soul-sucking or meaningless? i want to travel, and with an office job i can at least earn a steady paycheck and save and accrue vacation time.... right? i just dont know if i could handle the mundane on a daily basis again.
it seems as though time is running out (hell, it IS runing out!) and id better make a decision before i wake up one day and im 45 with nothing to show. i think im more qualified to be a wallower and wanderer than anything else. is there a job title for that? i think, maybe i should be a writer! and then i remember that i have no drive or follow through to stay with the same story very long. i could be a travel writer, but i have no experience in either writing or travelling. hmm. what else?
it's at this point i develop a life-size migraine and bring the think-tank session to a close. how about i open up the phone lines and take suggestions from callers...

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