Sunday, January 27, 2008

joie de vivre

an enthusiasm i usually have. lust, gusto, for life... nothing major or overtly significant. it's more of a "stop and smell the roses" kind of thing. the little pleasures and joys we take for granted on a daily basis: good music, ivy climbing an old brick wall, walking through the park, beautiful flowers, snow flurries, steaming cups of tea, fresh bread... the list goes on and on. i have to remember these things on days i feel like dying.
le petit ecoliers, earl grey, "amelie" soundtrack- how cosmopolitan i feel... even whilst sitting in my fourth floor walkup in beacon hill, wind blowing the light snow in circles outside my window. i want to smile at the silly things and laugh at my private jokes without being beholden to laws of society and all the obligations and rules that entails. i want to live a separate existence where i flow free- "out here on the perimeter..."
tall grass blowing in the warm breeze, sun warm on my back and fingertips, view of the turqoise sea in the distance. i can hear accordions and violins wafting up the hill to my ears. my light polka dot dress dancing around my knees as i run through the grass and dark soil toward the field of sunflowers that stand apart gazing up at the sun...

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