Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Title: "My Cast and Me" and other observations...

So, i got my first "real" cast. I feel like I'm 8 years-old :)
Walked the several blocks home from the hospital (after 5 + hours!), limping the whole way. My ankle/foot was pretty spent after PT this morning.
I sat in the hospital cafeteria between doctor appointments and I noticed a woman silently (and joylessly, I might add) going about her work stocking condiments and paper goods at each station. It was upon seeing this that I realized the true tragic heroes of our society are not the rich, famous or genius (nor even the third world downtrodden), but the Joe-Schmoes across the world that go about their jobs on a daily basis with no hope of change or mobility. They will live their lives in the same neighborhood, the same field of work, the same frame of mind... Why does this make them tragic heroes, you ask? Because they do this to live. A bare and primal survival goes into this way of life. No frills, no lavish expenditures... Only needs. Scraping by. They procreate, raise families, and their children live to renew the cycle.
It makes me sad and afraid. How many people like this are out there?
Too many in my opinion. Why don't we all get the chance to dream... to become astronauts? movie stars? athletes?

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