Wednesday, February 20, 2008


i wish that my intensity and conviction would translate to daytime. i have so many theories and ideas and resolutions at night that dissolve away as i sleep. i think it has something to do with feeling revealed and vulnerable in the light of day. why is that?

i am reading a great book and it has some amazing insights that awake something inside of me, and i think, hey yeah. that sounds right! that sounds like me! how can i translate that into my own life?! i want inner peace and tranquility. the knowledge and understanding that all is right and according to the threads of the universe. there is a place for us all and all we need do is remain silent and still- listen to our hearts and we'll find it... hokey as it may sound, the way liz gilbert writes is true and straight to the heart. it doesnt feel like preaching or patronizing. she is sharing.

i have found my mantra: I AM STRONGER THAN THIS. when i feel doubtful or insecure, i just think this and i feel stillness. almost like an invisible hand stroking my head and comforting me. as far as im concerned, we all need a purpose in this life, otherwise we cannot feel whole. the only problem is finding and melding with that purpose... easier said than done.

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