Friday, February 8, 2008

no rest for the weary.

i have the sands of the Sahara in my eyes and the dryness of Death Valley in my skin...

i am very tired. the whole not sleeping thing is taking its toll i suppose. it's amazing how 7 hours of crap sleep feels like 20 minutes of crap sleep. i watch movies until i think im just about to fall asleep, but as soon as the dvd screen goes dark, my mind starts to wander...

all the bills i have to pay, the debts that just keep mounting up, the lack of income (which is not as easy to fix as it seems), falling, juice, fluffernutters, the role of myth and iconic figures in the settling and development of the American West, unicorns, and laundry... all these things play through my head like a movie reel when all i want is for my brain to switch off and allow me pleasant dreams. heck, id settle for none at all.

i need a nap.

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