Saturday, February 16, 2008

into the wee hours of the morn...

so, time is encroaching upon 2am and i lay in bed. awake. third night in a row. im sure my time table/schedule is all off, so im not worried.

it amazes me how my mind decides to click on around 8pm. i think it might have something to do with it getting warmed up. it needs a few warm-up laps to get limber, and my stagnate situation is doing nothing to remedy my gross lack of brain usage. for example, the main feat for today was hopping the T to hit up trader joes- get the red line and connect to the green C line at park st. big whoop. saddest part of all was how i was exhausted when i returned home (granted i was lugging two bags and a backpack many blocks & up b.hill, but still). anyway. wait, what was i talking about?

** insert 5 minute brain fart here **

oh, right. so, my brain gets all active in the pm (maybe it has something to do with the absence of the sun) and i had a little thought: have gender roles/sexuality become more primitive/animal-like in modern times, echoing ear;ier human behaviors? comparative to past human ritual and social structures... we are more physical and sexual in our daily interactions with one another. we take charge of our love/sex lives and take a somewhat aggressive role in making our desires come to fruition. i have to admit, social norms and acceptability play a large role if not a starring one in the way we have evolved. or rather, devolved...? i had so many points to make, and i wrote them down in the back of my sudoku book, but i cant find it right now...

anyway, my point is. i have no point.


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