Friday, February 1, 2008

it never ceases to amaze me.

the crap we have to deal with day in and day out. like, why the fuck do credit card companies let you charge over your alloted limit? why do they call it a "limit" IF YOU CAN SPEND MORE MONEY THAN STATED?!?!

america is supposedly one of the "best" countries in the world, right? ooh, democracy, capitalism... DEBT! yeah, we have lots of freedoms (and im thankful for that), but we are invisibly slaves to credit debt. they pull us in with promises to help ease our financial burdens, but they dont mention that THEY will become our biggest financial enemies of all time- an epic war saga, really. think Beowulf...

they are evil and they will destroy our country:
a) they allow us (and encourage us!) to spend money we don't have
b) once we're in the hole, they harass us about it, like, gee, we let her spend more money than we originally alloted her in her credit limit. i wonder why she can't pay off her bill!
c) they rape us with interest rates- 18-24%... yep, READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE BACK OF THE APPLICATION (could they put it more out of the way?)
d) they develop and nourish an american train of thought that encourages "spend spend spend. it's ok if you don't have the money..." and this perpetuates a way of life where we are constantly fighting to dig ourselves out of a pit of financial despair and break even (at best), and most people ARE OK DOING THIS! we're burying ourselves and we dont even care. wheres the outrage, the picket lines, the protests against these giants of ruin & rubble?

why is it that the problems will never get fixed? hell, they're not even addressed. focus on war in iraq. something without hope of resolving (its a religious genocide, btw, and its been raging for centuries. you really think western troops will fix it with a band-aid?) yeah, go ahead. meanwhile, REAL problems like AMERICAN healthcare, education, debt, etc get tossed by the wayside. afterthoughts of bureaucratic babbling and sermonizing. we're america. let's focus on american problems, you know take the log out of our own eye before we help our brother with the splinter in his... it's not a dis on global community, but we should at least attempt to balance our generosity between our own citizens and the rest of the world (who are rarely grateful for our help anyway) who are too used to playing Harry Handout to help themselves (Mexico want to be Mexicans with American rights and benefits, etc...).

so, i think the day politicians begin to focus on SOLVING problems rather than debating the symptoms and results, is the day we (nationally and globally) might begin to see RESULTS. and having raving morons like al gore out there DOES NOT HELP.

el fin.

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